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Delve into Luxury Travel in Asia

Delve into Luxury Travel in Asia

There are no parallels when it comes to luxury travel in Asia. Whether you are planning to explore the wonders of India and the luxury of its old Maharajas, the mystical South East Asia, the luxury market of China or Japan, you can always have the finest experiences without any substitutes.  Authentic Asian luxury travel imbues you with memories and moments which are simply unforgettable. You can journey through India, South East Asia, China and Japan and get unprecedented access to some of the best luxury experiences in the world and along with some of the finest luxury accommodations in Asia ranging from the conventional international hotel chains to the unconventional.

China is one of the top destinations when it comes to Asian luxury travel. Here, you can indulge in various experiences during your luxury travel in Asia ranging from sailing in the Yangtze River, exploring China’s famed Terra Cotta Warriors and various other luxury haunts.

South East Asia promises a truly idyllic Asian luxury holiday in various destinations such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. These luxury destinations promise you the ultimate in travel with great dining, accommodation, fun, entertainment and shopping options. You can even volunteer along during your luxury travel in Asia. Here is a look at some popular Asian luxury haunts:


Myanmar or Burma always promises luxury travelers an unspoiled mystique. You can also engage in a variety of activities such as soaring above in hot air balloons and admiring its temple-dotted landscapes; going on private boat races, or visiting some breathtaking pagodas in the country. There is also a great choice of luxury hotels in the country where one can stay including The Strand Yangon, the Sule Shangri-La Yangon, and the Belmond Governor’s Residence amongst others.


This South East Asian country has very rich traditions and history many of which are still alive today. The country is also known for its great and breathtaking landscapes. Visitors can choose from a vast array of luxury accommodation options such as The Luang Say Residence, Amantaka and Belmond La Residence Phou Vao.


Indonesia has its own allure when it comes to the range of luxury travel destinations.  With its over 17,000 islands, the archipelago offers visitors great scenic destinations, older temples and some sparkling beaches. One of the most sought-after luxury destinations in Indonesia is Bali where you can find some of the best preserved ancient temples.  There are numerous tranquil resorts where one can experience the ultimate barefoot luxury during their travels. The islands’ attractions are not limited to rest and recreation. It also has great artistic attractions. Some of the exquisite luxury haunts in Bali include Amanusa and Alila Villas Uluwatu. There is also the Oberoi in Lombok and Bulgari Hotels & Resorts which is situated in Bali.


Singapore has its own share of exquisite luxury travel destinations and is one of the most popular Asian luxury travel destinations. There are numerous luxury accommodations that one can choose here such as Naumi Hotel, Raffles Hotel, Capella Singapore, Sofitel So Singapore and Wanderlust Hotel.

Attaining Successful Luxury Travel Experiences with a Luxury Travel Agency

Travelers who enjoy luxury travel experiences can benefit greatly from the services of a luxury travel agency. A knowledgeable agency should be able to deliver special attention to its clients. Normally, luxury tours give travelers the opportunity of going on cruises that might include exotic land packages and shore excursions. People taking a cruise also get entitled in certain cases to attend social events of some kind. Air travelers can at times be eligible to get special prices which would be unavailable on the internet. Individuals interested in traversing various countries and experiencing appealing ours can select a suitable travel package from those offered by travel agencies. You can as well ask for a special arrangement to help you travel independently. A holiday can be customized to your preference and you can add different tour options into the vacation.

Sojourning in Style

Luxury travel usually involves getting various aspects fine-tuned into an ideal vacation package to ensure it suits the needs of a traveler. Certain travel companies work with good efficiency to make travelers feel special by providing them a host of fringe benefits. These include insurance for injury and sickness as well as refunds for tour cancellations. Such types of insurance usually apply all across the globe. Great travel agencies work alongside seasoned and knowledgeable advisors to aid them in planning the ideal vacation for individuals, families as well as honeymooners. Clients intending to go on world-class holidays can utilize luxury travel agencies to have a chance of enjoying luxury travel experiences.

Maintaining Professional Liaisons

The agencies as well keep strategic relationships with tour firms, cruise lines and airlines to ensure they deliver outstanding vacations to their clients. Travel advisors boast appreciable amounts of expertise within their industry and can draw up a customized itinerary to suit any type of traveling requirements. A luxury company is capable of making arrangements for one-of-a-kind trips and getaways without straining their customers. They combine luxury and convenience of travel for their clients in a natural way. Travelers usually have the choice of either selecting a pre-designed itinerary and joining a small group or allowing the destination specialists to create a special one for them. Alternatively, they can create their unique personalized itinerary.

Where Travelers Can Go

Travelers can opt for their own destination among the choices available or utilize the aid of trip advisors. Luxury travel excursions can range from freestyle polo games to extravagant hunting trips to lavish villa rentals and summer retreats. Travel agents can stretch to any length just to ensure that their clients remain comfortable and attain the kind of vacation they aspire to have. Travel agencies many times afford their guests comfortable stays in luxury accommodations within rustic and exclusive resorts.

Luxury travel experiences are all about enjoying style and luxury. However, working with a top-class agency can enable clients to enjoy great returns at a reasonable cost. One can look forward to getting good discounts on upgrades of rooms, breakfast, pool and spa facilities, daily newspaper, late checkout, housekeeping services and even VIP guest status.