About Us

Who is Hip Travel Review?
A pair of copywriters who’ve now added travel writing to their professional mix. Married in 2006, the writers share a deep love for travel and adventure. In spring 2009, they were given the blessed opportunity to embark on a national travel tour and write about the adventure. Noteworthy travel discoveries are posted regularly as snaps, blog posts, articles and reviews.

Why travel now?
Are you kidding? Folks that aren’t anchored bu a mortgage, children, or debt have no excuse. Get out there and see the world! Life is too short to miss God’s creation. Sure, 9-to-5 life is fine, but why not take that work on the road? Thus far, HipTravelReview has explored 14 states, 12 national parks, and 15 major cities and attractions while freelancing remotely for clients. We did it on faith, and so can you.